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There are more than 250 species of mites in the United States. Heat Tech Pest Control, a top-rated Tulsa mite control company, wants to help homeowners protect themselves.

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How to Control Mites

With over 250 species in the US and 48,000 species across the globe, mites are arachnids that help in fungi, plants, or animal matters’ decomposition process to become faster. While the mites’ role is to eat up the decaying organic material of dead skins and foliage, they are not totally beneficial for the living as mites have and have always been itchy parasites. The commonly classified mites are: dust mites, clover mites, scabies mites, rodent mites, itch mites, bird mites, etc.

While most mites do not pose grave harm to humans, they can still be a handful on many occasions and some can also contract diseases and allergic reactions. Mites can cause minor to severe skin rashes such as scabies, grain itch, grocer’s itch, rodent mite dermatitis, and gamasoidosis. Most mites lay eggs over the winter until their nymph breaks out tiny six-legged larvae and get ready to feed in a few days by springtime. Only with the help of Heat Treatment technology that all life stages of mites are exterminated—Heat Tech pest control dominates this mite control technology.

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