Conventional Treatment

Having a minor or isolated bed bug infestation at your home? A conventional chemical treatment could save you!

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Why Choose Conventional Treatment?

The Heat Tech conventional chemical treatment kills pyrethroid-resistant bed bug strains at all life stages, including eggs. The results save time and money.

Low cost

Low Cost

Conventional chemical treatment will save your hard earned money if it is a fit for your infestation application.

1-Day Bed Bugs Gone

Small Infestation

Small, minor or isolated infestations can many times be eliminated with conventional treatments.

Kills Adults, Nymphs & Eggs


Conventional provides a residual to keep killing bed bugs for up to 30 days. Useful as a heat treatment residual.


Traditional Bed Bug Treatment

Our conventional bed bug treatment utilizes a liquid, water-based insecticide that effectively controls bed bug populations, even pyrethroid-resistant strains. With its unique blend of active ingredients, this bed bug spray is designed to minimize customer treatment expenses and serve as a powerful tool in the most challenging infestations.

Starts Killing and Keeps Killing

Our treatment begins with eliminating bed bugs within 5 minutes of contact. Its water-based residual effect kills bed bugs for up to 30 days post-application. This non-staining product effectively targets bed bugs in all life stages, from eggs to adults, without leaving any visible residue. It is safe for direct application on mattresses, leaving no stains or residue behind. With its low odor, this product seamlessly integrates into existing bed bug control programs and is highly recommended for professional pest control operators.


Impact on a Budget

If your bed bug infestation is small or limited to a specific area, Heat Tech can offer you a fast and cost-effective solution. This typically indicates that the bed bugs have not been present for an extended period. Acting swiftly to address the issue brings several advantages.