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There are more than 300 species of fleas in the United States, the most common fleas are dog fleas, human fleas, cat fleas and Oriental rat fleas. Heat Tech Pest Control, a top-rated Tulsa flea extermination company.

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How to Control Fleas

Fleas are commonly known to feed the blood from your cats or dogs at home. Not only do they suck the blood and cause itchy bites to your furry pets but also cause skin irritation to humans. Very fond of infesting carpets, sleeping quarters, or couches in the lounging areas, fleas are most likely to survive in a high humidity environment. To prevent fleas, the commonly accepted techniques are: using anti-flea shampoo for your cats or dogs, vacuuming the carpets regularly, as well as laundering and drying of linens and sheets in high heat for infested clothing.

Fleas have a similar life cycle as the cockroaches and other insects wherein they come out of this world as nymphs, hatch into larvaes, and pupate into adult fleas. For some instances, their pupa remains dormant from four months to over a year before becoming adult fleas. To fully eliminate all life cycles of fleas—including the nymphs, larva, and pupa stage––Heat Treatment is being performed by professionals here at Heat Tech Pest Control.

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